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Five Ways To Win

Five foolproof ways to win the patient.

It’s not often that David Roe (WhatClinic’s Chief Technical Officer) emerges blinking from the depths of the Engineering Department. But when he does, it’s for a very good reason. Having stared at screens of data for many, many years he has absorbed more insight than almost everyone else on what makes our users progress to booking. What makes one enquiry more valuable than another?What decision factors are the most important? Here’s what he has learned.

Foolproof tip #1: Use the phone.

Phone responses to enquiries are far more successful than an email reply. About five times more likely to convert. You might have emailed the user. What happens next? They expect you to call them, not the other way around. A phone call moves the user from ‘Consideration’ through to Purchase. Email does nothing! So if you have their number, use the phone and win the patient.


Foolproof tip #2: Call quickly.

This is the single fastest, easiest way to win the patient. Patients often make an enquiry and if they don’t speak to someone straight away will go back and make another, and then another. The clinic who is fastest to the phone almost always wins the patient.  So what is a good benchmark? Clinics with an average response time of less than four hours are in the top tier for customer service, repeat bookings and popularity.

Foolproof tip #3: Call every enquiry. 

Think you can judge a book by it’s cover? Well you can’t. Short or long – there are no ‘perfect enquiries’. Don’t assume you can tell. The stats prove that each enquiry has just as much potential, no matter what the content. Someone asking for a price is really just looking to start a conversation. If you want to win more patients don’t ignore enquiries  you think might not be promising. Call every enquiry as soon as you possibly can.

Foolproof tip #4: Speak to the patient. 

Sounds obvious right? But if you look at the data, clinics feel that leaving a message is ‘enough’. Leaving a message is not enough to win the patient. Leaving a message is like sending an email. The person who receives it will do nothing. It’s up to you to make sure you speak to the patient. This means working harder, calling more often to find and speak to the person who wants treatment. Want to win? Speak to them, not their voicemail.

Foolproof tip #5: Keep calling. 

The more potential customers you get to speak to, the more you will convert. It’s a simple formula. If you only speak to half of all inquiries – say by ignoring enquiries that don’t look ‘perfect’ or by simply emailing or leaving messages – then you are halving the number of potential bookings. So call everyone and keep calling, until you get to speak to the patient.

So there you have it. Five foolproof tips from the top for winning more patients.





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