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The WhatClinic Customer Service Awards have been running since 2010, and are distributed annually to clinics listed on our site that have met our highest standards for customer care.


We are often asked about how the awards are judged, and what clinics can do to be considered for the awards. Here we try to answer all of your questions.
If it isn’t covered here, send us a mail to and we’ll do our best to help!

What is a Customer Service Award?

The Awards are our way of acknowledging excellence. Every year, usually around January, we give out the Customer Service Award to the clinics with the best consistent contact rate over a full year (demonstrating a clear and measurable commitment to customer service). Only a small fraction of clinics can boast a Customer Service Award.


How do we evaluate these Awards?

We take into consideration many different factors, including direct feedback from patients, as well as the clinic’s contact rate – which is made up of information from both email and phone response rates. We examine feedback and contact rate for a 12 month period. The clinic’s contact rate needs to be at least over 80% for a full year, and higher for certain areas. If there are lots of clinics in one area with contact rates of 98%, even some of them might not have won, if enough clinics in that area score higher!

SmileLux Specialist Orthodontic Centre
SmileLux Specialist Orthodontic Centre – Milton Keynes

What are the benefits of winning a Customer Service Award?

Winning a Customer Service Award is a strong indicator that your clinic respects its patients and puts their concerns first. Enquiry rates have shown that having the Award displayed on your listing does have a positive influence on patients when choosing between clinics offering the same treatments. We also recommend you add it to your own site and social channels.


How do I qualify for a Customer Service Award?

Every January we run an advanced report that measures all the factors important to customer service. If you have a listing on our site for at least a year, you are automatically evaluated for the awards. If you have been on the site for less than a year and would like to be considered, you need to make an appeal via If you have a high volume of data to measure, you may still be considered after the awards are given.


Go Physio - Chandlers Ford
Go Physio – Chandlers Ford


How will I know if I won the Award?

The Award winners are usually announced in January. If you are one of the happy winners, we will send you an email to let you know. Then an Awards pack is posted to each winning clinic. It contains a press pack and an official award certificate so you can display it on the wall of your practice. The Award winner certificate is automatically added to your brochure listing on our site.


Wellness Kliniek Belgium – Genk
Wellness Kliniek Belgium – Genk


Why did I not win the Customer Service Award this year?

We only give the Award to the top percentile of clinics in each market, which means that even if you have a very high contact rate, you might not win the Award if several other clinics in your market have scored higher than you.


What can I do to win the Customer Service Award next year?

Having a lot of positive reviews from patients on your brochure does not guarantee that you will win an Award. However, we do take into consideration patient feedback. We do this by contacting your patients and asking them about the quality of the response and the customer service that they have received from your staff. Improving your customer care as well as your contact rate will certainly help you improve your rating.


Christchurch Dental Practice - Ipswich
Christchurch Dental Practice – Ipswich


What is contact rate and how can I improve it?

Contact rate is a score that evaluates how often and how quickly you respond to your patients’ enquiries. It is a percentage figure, with a maximum of 100%. The Customer Service Award looks at your contact rate over a 12-month period.  To improve your contact rate, you should respond to all phone and email enquiries through our system and as soon as possible. Don’t give up after one try – call them several times, and try a different contact method. Don’t let patients slip through the cracks! And of course, if you see an enquiry that is bogus or spam, mark it as such as quickly as possible, so that we can exclude it from your scores.


Why is speed of response so important?

People are likely to make several enquiries for the same treatment to different clinics. It’s not unusual for consumers to shop around and consider all the available options before making a decision. Analysis shows that the clinic who responds first tends to get the patient. The average clinic can take up to two days to respond to an email enquiry! Patients find this type of response extremely frustrating. They will continue to search and enquire until they find a clinic that responds promptly, and this will influence their decision. A top tip is to make sure that you are that clinic!


Cevre Hospital - Istanbul
Cevre Hospital – Istanbul


How can I reply to all enquiries?

Holidays, weekends and out of office hours are common times for enquiries to be missed, or diverted to message minder. There are also times during the day when the phone rings out, or is engaged. These calls are just as valuable as the ones made while you are in the office. Set an automatic email response, so that people are reassured their enquiry got somewhere. Confirm in the email how long it will take you to personally follow up with the enquiry, then make sure you follow up in a timely fashion. Check phone messages at least once a day, and reply to them as quickly as possible. If you don’t make contact with the patient, leave a message, letting them know you called, and telling them when you plan to call again. Many clinics can forget about a potential patient at this point. These enquiries should be added to an action list, and contact should be attempted again later the same day.

Commitment and dedication are most certainly key traits of top performing clinics. The most dedicated clinic staff usually call the patient back at least two more times, or using the patient’s alternate contact details to ensure all avenues have been exhausted. The message is – don’t give up too quickly!

Attention to detail can also make all the difference in long term increases in conversion rates. Are all enquiries logged and followed up every day? How often are phone and email messages checked? Do staff make a note on which ones have been called? Who is tasked with chasing down enquiries that may have fallen through? Whether you have one simple diary, or a bespoke customer management system – it’s down to you to use it to its fullest, and ensure the correct processes are adhered to all the time.


For more advice on how to manage your enquiries and improve your contact rate, email our Customer Success team on

For more information on the Customer Service Award, email us on and we will be happy to help!


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