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Mexico, A Dental Tourism Hot Spot For Texans

Dental Tourism

Our last report has revealed that while US demand for dental treatment in Mexico is on the up, nowhere is this more apparent than for patients in Texas, where demand for dental treatment in Mexico has increased by a whopping 33% over the past twelve months.

In an evaluation of 19,223 patient enquiries made to 1,094 dental clinics in Mexico over the past 12 months, it was revealed that demand for cross border dentistry shows no signs of abating. Demand for treatment in Mexico continues to be driven by significant savings, as well as lack of insurance for key treatments, and the strong demand for aesthetic treatments.

By comparing average national starting prices for key treatments, we can see there are significant savings to be made for those prepared to travel. Dental implants, which offer a marked improvement on traditional false teeth, have an average starting price of $859 in Mexico, compared to $2,727 in the US, based on prices from 226 clinics across both countries, which is a saving of 69%. Dental crowns and bridges are also big wins, offering 65% and 56% savings respectively. Dentures and denture repair is also very popular, and is the second most popular treatment across all US consumers.

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