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New Prices And Reviews Pages

WhatClinic.com navigation tabs

We’ve just added a new set of navigation tabs to our search results pages after A/B testing them for a week. They didn’t improve conversion by any significant amount but by adding them we give ourselves the flexibility to add new ways of slicing our data, and hopefully capturing more traffic.

First of all, we’ve moved the map link which was on the top right hand side of the page into one of the tabs. This has already increased usage of the maps pages on the site. Secondly, we added two new types of pages, one which pulls together all the reviews for the clinics in the search results, the other all the prices.

These two tabs are brand new pages with their own URLs and are SEO’d to capture traffic relating to reviews and ratings of clinics and treatment prices. This is an SEO experiment in itself. All of the data on these pages exists on other pages. For instance, all the reviews of each clinic exist in their own profile, but these new pages pull together what we think are a useful set of reviews so they can be compared in one place. The same goes for the prices.

Here’s what a normal search results page looks like: Dentists in Dublin

Here’s the reviews page: Reviews of Dentists in Dublin

And here’s the prices page: Prices of Dentists in Dublin

Time will tell whether or not the search engines think these pages are useful, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on how their traffic and usage grows in the coming months.

Have you any experience with re-slicing your own data? How did it work out for you? Leave us a comment below.

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