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Spotlight: Private Dental Fees In The UK

Dental fees are a postcode lottery, with the average cost of a checkup varying by £44 across the UK, according to our recent research.

The price of private dental care in the UK varies dramatically by postcode, with a difference of 80% in price for routine check-ups across the country. 

The average cost for a simple check-up is now £51, an increase of a whopping 42% compared to last year. The data, based on fees charged by 14,000 private dentists, looked at the prices of the five most common dental treatments in 20 towns and cities in the UK. The findings highlighted the extensive differences in prices across the country and revealed the huge savings that can be made.

The cheapest dental check-ups can be found in Birmingham (£31) while Liverpool hails as the most expensive city at £77, on average – a difference of £43 in less than 100 miles. The cost can also vary drastically within cities, as London offers both the most expensive and the best value clinics with respective prices of £255 and £15 for a routine check-up – that’s a difference of £240.


Read the full report here: Dental Report UK – May 2016


WhatClinic UK Dental Report Infographic

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