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Sun Aware Britain: Summer Skin Care Trends Report

With summer getting closer and people starting to protect their skin, we’ve decided to ask our top dermatology clinics their opinions on the best skin care routines to have in preparation for sun exposure.

Our recent research, conducted to mark Melanoma Awareness Month this May, found that 63% of Dermatologists surveyed have seen an increase in cases of melanoma in their practice, and 82% feel there is greater awareness of the signs of melanoma compared to five years ago.

Recent data from our site also showed that enquiries for skin cancer screening have increased significantly in the past year, up 198%, as Brits become more aware of the importance of protecting their skin.

Mole removal enquiries also increased, up 40% in the past year, in the UK. When compared with other countries, Germany had the highest increase in mole removal enquiries in the past year with 140%, then Hungary (125%) and New Zealand (122%) at number three compared to the UK which came in tenth on the list.

Read the full report here: Sun Awareness UK – May 2016


Sun Awareness UK WhatClinic Infographic

Global Sun Awareness - WhatClinic Infographic

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