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Survey Reveals Massive Variations In Private Dental Prices UK Private Dentists Price Survey 2011 - Landscape

Today we release the results of a nationwide survey of prices at UK private dental clinics. The results are startling, with similar treatments costing over 900 percent more depending on which clinic you choose.

Shockingly, 84 percent of UK visitors to say they have put off dental treatment because of the cost. These patients could be putting their oral health at risk despite the wide range of prices available even at a local level.

For the survey we gathered prices from over 500 private dental clinics in the UK. The chart with prices from 5 major cities below shows the level of variation that can be found. We hope that by showing patients that they have real choice that we can encourage more to actually go ahead with treatment and take care of their oral health.

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Full details of our press release including print resolution copies of the infographics above can be found here:

Patients pay over 900 percent more for private dental treatments depending on which clinic they choose

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