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Tat’s Off to the Euro Stars

The Cost of Body Art Removal For 8 Top Tattooed Players 

The Euros are well and truly underway as football frenzy hits France and the 24 teams have everything to fight for across the groups. Fighting for space on and off the field, the most tattooed players from Europe are going head to head as we  reveal the hefty price tag of £38,700 collectively to remove their prized body art.

From analysing eight of the most tattooed footballers playing in France this summer, we estimated that it would take a combined total of 60 hours of tattoo removal for the European sports stars, as it is recommended to wait six weeks between each removal treatment.

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Belgian defender Toby Alderweireld would have to spend £7,100 to get rid of his tattoos and sit for two and a half days of removal over 24 separate sittings.

Slovak captain Martin Skrtel has made a fortune playing for Liverpool, but if he wanted to remove his sleeves or the giant angel on his back he’d have to part with some of his hard earned cash. The total cost of his tattoo removal would be £5,600 and he would have to spend over 13 hours to get rid of his prized body art.

Team England superstar Jack Wilshere has an impressive sleeve of tattoos, but if he wanted to turn back the clock (including removing the stopwatch on his elbow) it would set him back £2,400 over 13 sittings spread over a year and a half.

As two-time defending champions, Spain has a lot to prove this year and icon Sergio Ramos certainly helps them to stand out with his impressive list of tattoos – which includes several to commemorate his achievements on the pitch. Hopefully he’s happy with how they look as it would cost him over £4,000 and 24 sittings over three years to remove them all.


Euros 2016 Tattoo Removal WhatClinic Infographic

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