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Vouchers Financial FAQ

Once a voucher has been purchased, WhatClinic will hold all funds for 14 days, then release the amount less commission to the clinic on the next payment date, irrespective of whether the voucher has been redeemed by the consumer
Payment dates are the first and third Monday of every month.
Payment is made via electronic funds transfer. Salons can choose to be paid by cheque, this incurs an additional charge per payment of £1.50.
Should the voucher expire before the customer redeems it, funds remain with the salon.

What type of vouchers can my salon offer?

The vouchers can cover individual or grouped treatments. The salon manager can chose whether to run ‘deals’ where the voucher is offered for sale at a discount to its regular price. These deals will run for a pre-specified period of time and may be subject (at the salon’s discretion) to additional usage restrictions. Salon’s can also offer non-discounted vouchers on their procedures. These offers will not be subject to any additional restrictions.

Why are some treatments not eligible for voucher promotion?

Treatments that require a prescription or a medical professional to conduct it will not be permitted to be promoted through vouchers.

My treatments do not require a prescription or medical professional, why are they not eligible for voucher promotion?

Some treatments, for non medical reasons such as advertising restrictions in some jurisdictions are not suitable for promotion through vouchers. However, if you want to have a treatment added, please contact [vouchers] to discuss the matter, however, will ultimately determine what treatments are suitable for promotion through vouchers.

Do I have to promote all of my treatments through vouchers?

No. Salon managers can chose what treatments they promote through vouchers. If a consumers wishes to avail of a treatment that isn’t promoted through a voucher, they will be able to contact the salon directly through

What happens after a sale has been made?

Once a consumer has purchased a voucher, will email the voucher to them. The consumer must then contact the salon directly to arrange an appointment to receive the service which they have bought.

How does a salon redeem a voucher?

The salon employee will be able to validate and redeem a voucher through the website when a customer presents it when the consumer enters the salon to receive their purchase.

I’ve already received the money for the treatment, why should I redeem a voucher?

You should redeem the voucher before carrying out the treatment in order to verify that the voucher is valid. Otherwise, you may provide a treatment to someone who hasn’t actually paid for it.

What happens if a consumer presents an invalid voucher?

If a salon is presented with a voucher that is showing as invalid, please call [01-1234567].

What happens if the consumer doesn’t make an appointment?

As the funds will have already been released, there is no impact to the salon if a consumer does not make an appointment before the voucher expires.

What happens if the consumer requests a refund?

Consumers should contact if they wish to avail of a refund. WhatClinic operates a no-quibble refund policy if a consumer seeks to return a voucher that has not been redeemed within fourteen days of purchase. Refunds requests outside of this window are at the discretion of

What happens in the event of a chargeback?

A chargeback is when a consumer contacts their bank seeking to have a credit- or debit card charge reversed. Once this process has begun, there will be an investigation into the original payment by’s merchant account provider. If the consumer has redeemed their voucher, will seek information from the salon in relation to the service.

Do I need to run my voucher campaigns for a fixed amount of time?

No, you can stop promoting vouchers at any time. However, you are obliged to offer any vouchers that have been sold during the campaign and which have not expired.

What happens if I sell too many vouchers?

If you find that a treatment offer is proving too popular, you can simply stop selling those vouchers.

Do I need to be a premium client in order to use this service?

No, it is not required to be a premium user of to be able to sell vouchers. However, when a consumer searches for a voucher, premium users will rank higher than non-premium users. If you wish to appear higher in search results and sell more vouchers than neighbouring Salons call our sales team at 0146xxxxx to enquire about our packages

I am a premium client of, how does this affect my voucher promotions?

If you are a premium member, your voucher promotions will appear higher than non-premium salon’s who offer similar treatments. Ranking among premium members is determined by the PPL that you currently pay, therefore if your clinic is ranking highly, your voucher promotions should also rank highly. If you want to increase your voucher rankings, please contact your account manager.