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2017 WhatClinic Awards: All You Need To Know

The WhatClinic Awards have been running since 2010. They are announced every year around February and reward the clinics who demonstrate a clear and measurable commitment to patient service.

In previous years, the clinic’s contact rate has been the main factor to qualify for the Customer Service Awards, which looked at how well and how fast clinics handle patient enquiries through

This year, the WhatClinic Patient Service Awards are a little different, as they are based on the clinic’s ServiceScore™, which includes the contact rate, and a lot of other important metrics, such as reviews score, phone pick up rate, call rating and brochure completeness.

The clinics with the very best consistent ServiceScore™ over a full year will be eligible to win. But not all the clinics who meet the minimum criteria will win – only the top 5% in each market (a market is made up of a vertical, such as “dentists” or “plastic surgeons” and a country).


How they are evaluated

The Patient Service Awards are based on the WhatClinic ServiceScore™.

WhatClinic’s ServiceScore™ is based on a variety of data points gathered from clinics and their interactions with our users. We look at data from phone calls, emails, SMS, brochure information, patient feedback, reviews and more, to calculate a score out of 5 that will help users on our site know which clinics are easier to get through to.

The WhatClinic ServiceScore™ appears beside the clinic listing on search results pages of It also appears on your clinic brochure. It’s based on data that goes back as far as 12 months, and it is reviewed automatically every day.

Here’s a handy guide on How to Improve Your WhatClinic ServiceScore.


Important to know

In order for our system to track your response to patients, you need to reply to all enquiries via the WhatClinic dashboard, using the proxy email address or phone number we provide for the patient. If you reply directly to patients without using the proxy, we won’t be able to track your contact rate and you will not be eligible to win.

Awards are independently evaluated and judged. Premium listings are not given any special considerations as this would be unfair to clinics who work hard to meet our Award criteria.


What we send to winners

Every winner gets an email informing them that they have won.

This email contains your personal login details to the WhatClinic Awards page, where you’ll be able to download:

  • Your personalised Award Certificate to print and display in your clinic
  • The embed code to display the Award badge on your own website
  • A guide with detailed tips on how to promote your Award
  • A press release template to help you share your win with local media
  • A suite of social media icons to brag about your Award on your different social channels

The WhatClinic Award banner is also added to the listing of every winner for the full year.

If you have any difficulties downloading any of the assets, or need help adding the award badge to your website, just email us on and we’ll be happy to help!


Didn’t win?

If you are wondering why you didn’t win this year, just drop us an email and we’ll give you the specifics. If you didn’t win and feel that you should have, there is an appeal process. Occasionally there are issues that could have given the clinic a poor score and we can investigate these manually. This can take a day or two. To appeal for an award, please email us with a brief summary of your reasons for appeal.

If you have any other questions regarding the Patient Service Awards, don’t hesitate to email us on

Thank you!


Awarded Clinics

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