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Exciting News: Today we announced our strategic acquisition of the UK’s more Our last report has revealed that while US demand for dental treatment in more Guide to Enquiry Handling Excellence Guide to Enquiry Handling Excellence

The Guide is a list and explanation of the working procedures and techniques that are essential for converting more enquiries made by phone and email. These practices are standard in top converting clinics. Regardless of sector, clinics can increase the amount of enquiries converted into real bookings by introducing a few or all of the habits listed within the guide.

Who is the guide for?

The guide is aimed at clinics of any size, from individual clinicians to busy chains who want to improve their phone and email conversion rates, and are interested in the best practice habits of high converting clinics. For those clinics who already implement these habits, it provides reassurance and a valuable reminder to ensure all systems are in full working order.

Why should I read it?

The guide is full of practical, easy to implement procedures, based on professional habits of enquiry handling proven to work in successful clinics. Many of the tactics have little or no cost involved. It is also very easy to read and follow. At the conclusion of each chapter, there is a list of ‘takeaways’. These are key points to remember, that you can take away, and put into practice.

What works for your clinic?
We’d love to hear from clinics who have recommendations for other smart habits when it comes to managing phone and email enquiries. We’ve kept it short and simple here, and focussed on practical, low cost processes that will suit most clinics. Tell us what works for you!

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